One. Hundred. Percent.

Take a bow, St. Clair County pro-life voters. That’s the percentage of endorsed pro-life candidates that won a majority of St. Clair County votes. From the top of the ballot to the bottom, pro-life candidates won in St. Clair County. Thank you for your hard work, for your devotion to voting pro-life, and for turning out at the polls to make your pro-life vote heard.
This isn’t the first time this has happened. In many past election cycles, St. Clair County votes have gone 100% for pro-life candidates. But particularly in presidential elections, votes from other areas of the state have drowned out our voice, and the pro-abortion candidate has taken Michigan despite how St. Clair County residents have voted.

This year the entire state went for the pro-life presidential candidate, so St. Clair County voters were heard. Furthermore, it was a high-turnout year, with 62.7% of the registered voters in the county turning out to vote (77,975 out of 124,354). Fortunately for St. Clair County, in other electoral areas that extended beyond our borders, the pro-life edge held, so Michigan will be represented by pro-life candidates from the White House to the county Circuit Court.

Ironically, presidential candidate Donald Trump only held a plurality in Michigan, with 52.62% of votes going for other candidates. But because of the way general elections work, since he beat the nearest competitor by 11,612 votes, that means he won the state by a razor-thin margin of a quarter of a percentage point. (Remember that the next time you’re tempted to think your vote doesn’t matter.) In St. Clair County, though, Trump won by a handy 62.9%.

Since many of the electoral districts extend beyond St. Clair County’s borders, just looking at county votes doesn’t tell the entire story. In this election, only the 81st House District is completely contained within St. Clair County. In that election incumbent Dan Lauwers won easily. The table below tells the vote count for endorsed vs. non-endorsed candidates for area races.

So thank you, St. Clair County, for your pro-life dedication. Stay in touch with us to see how your electoral victories are translated into laws, policies, and appointments that reflect your pro-life convictions. If you don’t receive our newsletter, call our office (810-987-5433) or e-mail newsletters@sccrtl.org to be put on our mailing list.

Region-wide St. Clair County
Race Endorsed Candidate Endorsed Total Non-endorsed Total Endorsed % Endorsed Total Non-endorsed Total Endorsed %
Presidential Trump 2279805 2511112 47.59% 49,049 28,926 62.90%
10th Congressional Mitchell 214,164 125,570 63.04% 44,368 30,242 59.47%
32nd House Hornberger 25,629 14,630 63.66% 9,724 4,683 67.49%
81st House Lauwers 27,770 12,528 68.91% 27,770 12,528 68.91%
83rd House Hernandez 23,108 13,695 62.79% 9,548 8,620 52.55%