U.S. House passes Pain-Capable abortion ban

On Tuesday, Oct 3rd, the U.S. House of Representatives passed HR36, Micah’s Law, also called the Pain Capable Abortion Ban. This law would ban abortions after 20 weeks, the threshold at which medical science agrees that pain can be felt by the unborn victim of abortion.

The Blue Water Area’s own Rep. Paul Mitchell not only voted in favor of passage, but co-sponsored the Bill and spoke on the House floor in support of HR36. A video of Rep. Mitchell’s statement can be viewed below. We thank Rep. Mitchell for not only keeping his word and voting pro-life, but for taking an active part in bringing this bill to passage. On the campaign trail he said he’d be a pro-life leader, and he has proven as good as his word.

“It is said that nations are judged by how we care for our weakest members.” Rep. Paul Mitchell on the U.S. House floor

This is the first major pro-life bill passed by either house of Congress since the Bush presidency. Though it is only a partial step toward restoring the rights of all unborn, it is an important one. President Trump has promised to sign this bill if it reaches his desk.

Unfortunately, the bill has one more hurdle: the U.S. Senate. Though held by a supposedly pro-life Republican majority, the Senate leadership has proven largely ineffective in passing pro-life legislation this session. Michigan is represented in the Senate by pro-abortion Debbie Stabenow and pro-abortion Gary Peters, both of whom will certainly oppose the bill, but there is hope it will rally enough support from senators of other states for passage. Of course, the pro-abortion Democratic Party may try to filibuster the bill, in order to protect their cherished goal of unrestricted abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy. We hope the Republican leadership of the Senate has the fortitude to stick to their principles and get this bill passed.

Despite all that, the achievement by the House in passing this bill is a pro-life victory, and we thank the House Leadership and Rep. Mitchell for their actions.

Here is Rep. Mitchell’s statement on the House floor in support of HR36: