On February 11, the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee took up Senate Bills 564 & 565, and after a brief round of testimony for and against the bills, reported them to the Senate floor by votes of 4-1. See details below about thanking those 4 senators. Together the bills will eliminate any payment to abortion clinics for a donation of organs or tissue from an aborted baby.

When videos were released in July 2015 by the Center for Medical Progress showing Planned Parenthood staff haggling over “reimbursement fees” or “procurement costs” for fetal organs, it was clear that laws that prohibit the “sale” of organs, but allow the “recovery of reasonable costs” have a loophole big enough to drive a profit-motivated organ trafficking industry through it.

SB 564-565 will eliminate any payment to an abortion clinic. Here’s an excerpt of RLM Legislative Director Ed Rivet’s testimony before the committee, “The abortion industry should not get a cent of money …. Abortion is unjustifiable homicide. No one should be in the business of medical cannibalization of human beings. No child should die this way, and no one should hand money to those who kill them.”

Meanwhile, the president of MichBio, the trade association of biotech companies and researchers, testified against the bill, saying it would stunt valuable research, hinder job growth in the biotech industry, and be senseless because, “the tissue would just go to waste anyway.” He had virtually no concern for the wasted lives of the children killed by abortion.

The bills are now pending on the Senate floor where a vote is anticipated in the near future. It is time for contacting our state senators in Lansing. See the list below for details about your senator.

Our own local senator, Phil Pavlov, was the sponsor of this bill. Please contact him to thank him for his unwavering pro-life support.


Office phone: (517) 373-7708

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