Pro-life resources

National resources

National Right to Life Committee: The oldest national pro-life organization in the nation, dedicated to protecting life at the federal level.

Susan B. Anthony List: An organization founded on the pro-life views of early feminists like Susan B. Anthony and dedicated to electing pro-life women and advancing pro-life legislation at the state and federal level.

LifeNews: The internet clearinghouse for pro-life articles from around the world.

Feminists for Life: A group of true feminists devoted to the worth of all humans of all races, sexes, and ages.

Michigan resources

Right to Life of Michigan: One of the leading statewide pro-life organizations in the country, RLM spearheads educational and legislative efforts in Michigan. They have a lobbying office in Lansing and a Political Action Committee to endorse pro-life candidates. St. Clair County Right to Life is an affiliate of Right to Life of Michigan.

Students for Life of Michigan: An organization devoted to giving pro-life students a voice in the frequently unsympathetic environment of academia. If you’re a college or high school student, there may be an SFLMI group near you! (And, if not, you can help start one!)

Save The 1: A group devoted to awareness of and protection for people who society would dismiss as “the hard cases”: women pregnant through rape, children conceived in rape, and other difficult cases. This organization speaks for their humanity and argues that they have as much right to live as any other human.

Local resources

Blue Water Pregnancy Care Center: The local crisis pregnancy center, located in Port Huron, MI. St. Clair County Right to Life works with BWPCC to promote pro-life education and response in the Blue Water area. If you know of anyone facing a crisis pregnancy or who could just use more education about pregnancy and childbirth, use this page.

Sanilac County Right to Life: our sister RLM affiliate to the north, Sanilac County RTL promotes education and pro-life activism throughout Sanilac County.

Right to Life of North Macomb County: our sister RLM affiliate in north Macomb County is active in several venues in their area, particularly the well-attended Armada fair.